Will Pakistan Qualify for Super 8 | T20 World Cup 2024 | USA & West Indies

Pakistan cricket team which used to be a very tough and competitive team to play with keeps on losing its worth in the cricket world with every defeat. They are now a team that everybody wants to be on. They have a history of losing, and they will eventually lose once more. Pakistan Cricket Board's internal politics, unjustified player picks, and internal politics are destroying the team from the inside out.

Will-Pakistan- qualify-for-Super-8-in-T20-World-Cup-2024

Pakistan Cricket Team Performance:

In their first match of T20 World Cup 2024 against USA, Pakistan got a shocking defeat from a comparatively less experienced team in a Super Over. Definitely the worst defeat in their T20 cricket history.  In the 2nd match, bowlers did all the hard work to restrict India at score of 119 runs but again the batters choked when it was just required to run a ball score to win. It was an obvious case of poor game knowledge, and Pakistan, whose players had played in more than 100 matches combined, was unable to even win this easy game. 


Wasim Akram said Enough is Enough:

Wasim Akram A true legendary Pakistani fast bowler and of course a champion player was shocked by this poor performance of Pakistan Cricket Team in first 2 matches of their T20 World Cup 2024 campaign, calling it a sad day for Pakistan Cricket. He said, “It's enough. Changes are urgently needed. To help them grow as a team, bring in a new squad of six or seven players. The PCB chairman needs to make a risky move now. We frequently hear [from the squad] that one player isn't speaking with the other, or the other player isn't speaking with him. This was the easiest New York pitch to date, and it was excellent. How difficult was the 120 run target? Pakistan does not deserve to advance to the Super 8s in my opinion after this performance."


He further added, “Pakistani cricket team don't require enemies. They are sufficient for themselves. Do we have to give them everything on a spoon? Do we have to explain the situation to them? Will the coach do it, or Babar Azam? Some players are in the team from past eight to ten years. Should I inform Mohammad Rizwan that Jasprit Bumrah, their main bowler, has returned to pick up a wicket and You need to take a single? After ten overs, you've rarely struck a boundary and did not even strive to hit it. I'm starting to feel ashamed now. I want to support the Pakistan team because I'm a Pakistani, but. But everything has an upper bound. Unfortunately, it was a very depressing day for Pakistani cricket. I'm so speechless right now. You will undoubtedly feel irritated. I'm really depressed. Even if I tend to be optimistic, I can't? Although it is difficult to accept, but this is the reality."

Will Pakistan Qualify for Super 8?

Yet again, in ongoing T20 World Cup 2024 Group stages, Pakistan team found themselves in a situation of “ifs and buts” for their next round qualification. Now they not only need to win their remaining 2 Group matches against Canada and Ireland, but also need other teams' results to go in their favour as well. Here is suitaton for Pakistan Cricket Team to qualify for Super 8 round;


1- Pakistan must win their remaining two group matches against Canada and Ireland.

2- India must win their match against the USA.

3- Ireland must win against the USA. 

4- If Pakistan team does not qualify for the next round and loses one of its next 2 matches then they will have to play qualifiers to qualify for the next T20 World Cup 2026 which will be more embarrassment for the test cricketing nation.

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